About company

OJSC “Institute of Fine Technology and Design” was established in June 18, 1993 under Federal law № 208-Ф3 “On Joint-Stock Companies” of 26.12.1995.

pic-0 Dialogue computer system based on plate “Electronika NC 80-01” released in 1981.

Professional team of designers, process and test engineers for long years involved in development of design tools, engineering and management of microprocessors and microprocessor-based systems production, made the structural core of OJSC “Institute of Fine Technology and Design”.

pic-1 Chip KN1801VM4 developed in 1978. pic-2 Microcomputer MK-85. Since 1985 there were released 200 thousand copies.

Since 1976 there were designed a number of microprocessor series: 587. 588. 1801. 1806. 1839 single-board MP systems families of “Electronika NC 80-01”, Electronika 80-01 D”, microcomputers MK 85, MK 87, etc.


The activities resulted in patents and certificates of authorship obtained in former USSR, USA, UK, France. Since 1993 until now company has completed a number of customer oriented designs on demand of several leading radio-electronic companies and Ministry of Defense.



On June 3, 2009 OJSC “Institute of Fine Technology and Design” became a part of Russian Technologies State Corporation (the holding company – OJSC “Rossiiskaya Electronica”) which is the major stockholder of the IFTD at present.

In accordance to resolution of OJSC “Rossiiskaya Electronica” there were defined the main strategies of OJSC “Institute of Fine Technology and Design” for the years 2011-2015:

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    Development of the baseline business of designing digital, analog and RF-integrated circuites and organization of their production;

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    Mastering technologies of design and production of 3D integrated microsystems. Establishment of pilot product line for 3D TSV product packaging. TSV technology allows to use interconnection via in silicon wafers to form stacked wafer- or integrated circuits-level packages. Organization of 3D integrated circuits production;

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    Mastering technology of design of wireless intellectual sensor networks (algorithms of information interchange, data protection, standards, etc.). Development of wireless embeddable medical sensor networks for monitoring of physiological human and environmental parameters in order to control the health state of personnel of sophisticated productions (for example, operators of nuclear stations, air transport, strategic objects, etc.). Organization of device production and service.

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    Mastering technology of receiving new types of conductive materials based on nanodimensional carbonic structures for micro- and nano- electronics;

OJSC “IFTD” is actively collaborating with such big industrial enterprises as OJSC “Angstrem”, OJSC “RIME and Factory 'Mikron' ”, as well as with National Research University MIET, carrying out joint researching and developmental works.

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At present time five Doctors of Science and seven Candidates of Science are working in OJSC “IFTD”.